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[15 Jul 2005|10:12pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

two days.


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friends only [09 Jan 2005|04:07pm]

Its friends only now ... to be added:

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fun times in life =) [08 Jan 2005|02:18pm]
well first of all, im not saying who, but me and erica and emily feel that 1 particular kid is quite the bangable kid. in fact, we are often caught staring at his lovely features. lmfaoo soo true, so true.

anyway yesterday-
i got to school and had a music hour. i hate themm!!!! but i practiced amino acids the whole time. then was gym where i feel like something relevant happened but i cant remember, i do know we juggled though! then i had bio, the first easy test of the year! yay. then i slept for the rest of the period, where i dreamed that mr marriott had breast cancer =( ...? math we didnt do much except everybody talking and throwing paper balls at meghan. lunch was fun =) because it was lunch.

ummm ... tech we had a sub who told us about prostitution in nevada! then english ME AND LINZ WON THE CONTEST!! yayy im gonna do so good in english cuz of that. then we watched the school geography bee in social studies .. me linz andrew and alyssa accidentally went straight to the jr. auditorium and we thought we were gonna get in trouble. andrew shoulve been like to his mom, "mom, i did something bad but my friends said it wouldnt matter just 1 time" and his mom would be all, "did you smoke?!" and he'd be all, "no i went straight to the jr.aud" hahaaa. it turns out nobody got in trouble =) and during the geography i got soo many of the questions right. and andrew said delta for onee and i thought he was sayin dildo0o haha. and marc langer got in 2nd place - im surprisedd but i really actually think he's really smart.

then spanish test! it was ok. but ohh dear, thursday of spanish was the most amazin class EVERR. our class is quite retarded. i lovee ...

k sooo after school yesterday i took a nap!! lol then i went to morgans party omg it was soo fun too much to right about hurrr.

comment <3
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quiz and entry [05 Jan 2005|04:54pm]
Whats does your personality rate from 1-10? by morning_prayer
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hah =)

well ... lets see. today nothing major happened. rehearsal was canceled which was a relief. i like having free nights. i have a buncha tests tommorow and friday which sucks. xoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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im sadddd [02 Jan 2005|02:10am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

i cant fall asleep. grr this sucks.

well happy new year!! i spent it with erica linz jill and hannah !! laura unfortuonately couldnt make it =( we missed you!! it was really fun. the RAVE didnt really work out though lol but we gangsterred it out anyway!! and laura we BARELY went online.

so erica and linz slept over. linz went to bed at like 3 (!) which was super weird lol me and erica stayed up til 6 and my mom came down and got superrrrr angry and then we went upstairs and it was weird cuz it started to get light out as we went to bed! soo we went to sleep in my room. at about 12:30 we woke up and then went downstairs and had some breakfast. then they left and i went right back to be til 5.

then i went to morgans house tonight. erica was there. we watched this waaaayy cool surfing movie and part of cheaper by the dozen and the OC episode 4 season 1 =). then we attempted to go to baskin robbins but it was closed so we went home and had mexiCanNn! it was fun. Simple Moments meaning love takes time. But the beauty is breaking. WHAT IS THAT A HALLMARK COMMERCIAL? indeed. and morgan informed me and erica that the hagen daz icecream talks to you when you eat it. it says, "baskin robbinsssss!"

tommorow i think i may be chillin with laura, assuming she can.we might see a movie. i really wanna go to target and get stuff though!! maybe my mom will take me.


btw --> somebody MUST SEND ME THE BIO!

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earss and such [29 Dec 2004|05:59pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]


i slept til 12:30 and was woken up by my brother and dad fighting about colleges and stuff. what else is new??

a little after 1 erica lindsay and then laura came over!! yayy .. we chilled around the house and then my mom took us to the cross county! while she was dropping stuff off the 4 of us went into aeropostale where lindsay and sorta laura gushed over some stuff...me and erica decided its WAY too preppy and personally i only liked the thongs so we split up. me and erica looked in epic (i want there black brazilian jeans!! grr) and wetseal. then we met back up- linz bought cute tan cuordaroy pants yay. then we met up with my mom at the jewelry place and i got my second holes. it hurt moderately and lasted like 5 minutes - more than i expected. ohh well its really cute! =)

then we went to scalas best pizza everrrr .. then we went home and chilled. now they are gone ... and im bored.

tommorow i see the rockketteess with julia! yayy


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can i getta uhhh uhh? [28 Dec 2004|07:49pm]
[ mood | excited ]

id like to start off this entry by announcing that me and emily have found somebody to fulfill our needs! =]

anyway, vacations hurrrrrrrrrr

thursday night i went to zoes party which was all good in the hood and then i slept over. the next day we chilled mostly watching movies and me sleeping lol. then her family came over for dinner with another family and yeahh. im goin to lindsay's sweet16 thing in january =)

so saturday i went to see meet the fockers with lindsay and her family- a great way to spend christmas!! haha. then that night i went back to her cousins house and had really good dinner and chilled with her little cousins and her. we played mariokart, went on a ROLLERCOASTER!!! (it was almost too scary to bear) and went to 7-11 and got slurpees. then i slept at her house. that night we watched the food channel almost the whole night. i swear i can tell you how every candy and chocolate is made in the factory. we also watched her kindergarten assembly video OMG EVERYBODY IS SO LITTLE!! "marc, stand up!!!" hahaaa good times.

sunday i went to mollys for a while. during which we walked to starbucks and chilled in that area for a good hour or something like that....MOLLY SHOULD GO OUT WITH JAMIE!! k hadda get that out. ohhh and i also gotta see the yoga room!

sunday night my moms best friend growing up and her family came over for dinner. kayla annoyed the shit out of jared!! it was quite funny =)

monday was yesterday - and laura came over. we watched raising helen which was really good. omg the girl from rebas actually pretty thurrr! and dezee, although a bad influence, is actually like really REALLY hott. i decided. anyway .. after that we chilledd around and laura ate the bootleg kosher smarties well i had some gooddd apple pie and then we went to the beechmont for dinner with the fam. then i went home and laura went to her house again.

today i went shopping with my grandma and got LOTS OF GREAT STUFF!! yayy!! it was fun. then i went home with my mom and found out that lauras coming to captiva with my family!! yayyy im so excited. me and emily have a plan to seduce hott (well cute i guess) skaterr meat. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

k well tommorow im getting my 2nd holes done in my ear!! arghhh wish me luck lol

comment <33

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w0oh0ot partayy [21 Dec 2004|09:31pm]
k. so i just got home from dance (ilovehiphopwithericadiane). it was really fun i hearted the routine - im not sure if it was house?? it might have been chink lol or whatev the class before us was doin. and like nobody was there it was great - tweety gave us a lesson about gangs NEVER BE IN ONE!

in school we took part 2 of the practice ela. its so funny because i wrote this whole essay about making good homework habbits, when mine are fully the opposite of what i wrote about. oh well.


i hate george bush.
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wow. [16 Dec 2004|09:53pm]
and it's never gonna change, right? i mean the same people are gonna stay the same way. it might seem like its getting better - but nobody how hard anybody tries people are gonna be their selfish selves and just keep everything set in stone and never see anybody differently ... screw this th0o today was a good day


today ms reidy got really mad at me erica jill ben and darren for odering pizza .. she thought we were gonna get abducted for waiting outside. but the pizza came it was very good - and then erica came over and we chizilled for a while :).

and ill leave you with this ...

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[14 Dec 2004|10:47pm]
You&apos;re Rent!

What Broadway Musical Are You?
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imM hiPhop ! [14 Dec 2004|10:38pm]
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i thought id get stripper!! haha jk
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dance was cool =) [14 Dec 2004|09:53pm]
from now on in dance .. we're doing a style and drills for that .. then the next week we choreagraph .. and then we go back to a new style. im into this.

today we did drills on house dancing. i've never really heard of it before .. its funny because its kinda like to elavator music!! but its a lotta footwork which i like. should be good.

tommorow is sele .. oh and apparently im a bad person or something lol cuz i didnt get my secret santa recipiant a gift yet .. ill try before school tommorow which wont work (LAURA) and so ill give it a day wait. whats the big deal??
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[12 Dec 2004|08:37pm]
You're Cady. (pronounce Katie) You are very smart
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? [12 Dec 2004|08:24pm]
yesterday we decorated morgs tree!! it was really fun a buncha people were at here house then lindsay and laura came over for a while. LAURA GOT ME THE CUTEST BAG AND SHiRT! yay

and another yay ..
your perfect guy is a punk-rocker, most likely in a
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YAYY !!!!!!!
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friends survey since i am quite the bored one [10 Dec 2004|06:46pm]
[ mood | sick ]

x. Best Friend: Zoe/Julia
x. Friend Known Longest: Julia?
x. Tallest Friend: Lauren Nir? or meghan ..
x. Shortest Friend: julia lawrence!! hehe
x. Blondest Friend: laura
x. Fakest Blonde: lydia
x. Tannest Friend: that would be div
x. Prettiest Friend: all my friends are pretty!! =)
x. Best Dancer: ree/erica/jardine
x. Best Singer: lydia
x. Most Outgoing: laura
x. Craziest/Wildest: all fwf and morgan
x. Weirdest: morgan .. ily!
x. Sluttiest: sorry katie but im going with you lol
x. Most spoiled: thats mean!
x. Best Dressed: reera!
x. Most Perverted: emily!! we even have a handbookbible!
x. Nicest Friend: jenna or jill
x. Farthest Friend: ree .. floridas too far =(
x. Friend with Weridest Talent: molly and her tennis balls
x. Smartest Friend: lindsay
x. Friend that Sleeps the Latest: me!! or erica or morg but idk
x. Friend that Sleeps the Earliest: LAURA ANN!!
x. Most Religious Friend: emily and our kink religion
x. Funniest Friend: Zoe
x. Friends You Wish You Saw More: all fwf + zoe + juliab-l

wow guys .. im sick =( andd sad that im sick- emily found my jacket!!

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hello0 [08 Dec 2004|08:34pm]
sorry i havent updated in while. i`ve been busy.

on monday lindsay came over after school and we totally gangstafied my hair straightener .. well an old when that doesnt work. its all pink and orange and amazing.

yesterday i had rehearsal after school andd then my loveLy eRica pimpSs and i went to dance. we had the most amazinnggg dance to our favoritee song everr ' dRop it liKe its hOt ' <333!! veryy fun

today -> in school nothing much happened. then i had rehearsal and omg .. 9th period i forgot to come to ms. hope to make up the bio lab!! im so upset and i really intended on going and now im gonna get in huge trouble!! arrghh...

then after rehearsal laura emily erica and morgan came over and we chilled and had an amazing seLehanukah party (+morg because she's teaching me about the wonders of xmas lol) which mainly had erica and laura running to chris' house and me and emily showing our bible to morgan. dont forget the dreidels and gelty! haha .. then a little later chris came and then morgan and laura left .. then nick came and we chilled til erica got picked up.

now im bored .. so commentt babeess !!
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life as i know it [03 Dec 2004|09:08pm]
so wednesday emily flirtsz laura babess and erica pimps came over!! so much fun erica and laura decided to kill my life and IM random people while me and emily enjoyed reading a quality HANDBOOK .. omg we gotta start puttin male cum on our cornflakes lol

then thursday-friday i was sick =( poohh!!
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stolenn from big liddlerss =)~ [03 Dec 2004|12:25pm]
Last Person who:
+ Slept in your bed: .. im pretty sure that wud be me otherwise id be kinda creeped out
+ Saw you cry: ...my mom when i was like super sick
+ Spent the night at your house: laura? im not sure
+ You shared a drink with: idk ?
+ You went to the movies with: lindsay and morgan!
+ You went to the mall with: erica and laura
+ Yelled at you: im sure it was my mom lol
+ Sent you an e-mail: i dont rememberr
+ Said they were going to kill you: haha wow thats nice
+ Said "I love you" and meant it: nobody =( unless you count my parents

+ Been to New York? i kinda live here =)
+ Been to Florida? yes
+ California? yes
+ Hawaii? no
+ Mexico? yes
+ China? no
+ Canada? no
+ Danced naked? LMFAO noo
+ Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day? nah
+ Got a really bad feeling about something then it happened? yeh
+ Had your heart broken? yes
+ Been the heart breaker? maybe?
+ Wish you were the opposite sex? sure
+ Had an imaginary friend? your mom

+ What are you going to do after you finish this survey? mathh ick
+ What was the last food you ate? barely eaten since wendesday .. no appetie im sick =(
+ High school or college? neither !

+ Are you bored? YES
+ How many buddies are on? not many all have ams its a school day
+ Last movies you saw? GRUDGE SCARY STUFF!!
+ Last noise you heard? keyboard
+ Last time you went out of the state: i wanna say i have since then but it might have been vermont in july? not sure ..
+ Things you like in a girl/guy: hott .. sweet .. NOT GUiDO BUT SKATER (haha emm our perfect guy!) .. 6 pac ?
+ Do you have a crush on someone? maybeee
+ What book are you reading now? oh shoot forgot i hafta read for english
+ Favorite board game? life
+ Favorite magazine? ym
+ How many times have you been in love? ...
+ Worst feeling in the world? hopefully i wont find out thank you
+ What is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning? wtf am i doin gettin up
+ How many rings before you answer? depends
+ Future daughter's Favorite girl's name: deanna, taira .. lol i <33 weird names
+ Future son's Favorite boy's name? idk .. cory?
+ Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? no
+ If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be? on broadway
+ Are you a lefty, righty or ambidextrous? righty
+ Do you type with your fingers on the right keys? well one side i do the other its like retarted lol
+ What's under your bed? nothing:)
+ Favorite sport to watch? baseball or like iceskating/gymnastics
+ Hair Color: brown
+ Eye Color: hazel
+ Height Currently: 5'4ish
+ Glasses/contacts: no
+ Current Age: 13
+ Siblings: brother
+ Siblings age: 17
+ Plans: for when?
+ Any Piercings: ears
+ Boyfriend/Girlfriend: yeah, right ..
+ Are You Timely Or Always Late: lmfao0o!!
+ Do You Have A Job: i need 1
+ Do You Like Being Around People: yeah deff
+ Have you ever loved someone you had no chance with: werrrdd!
+ Have You Ever Cried Over What Someone of The Opposite Sex Did: yeah
+ Do You Have A "Type" Of Person You Always Go After: no
+ Want Someone You Don't Have Right Now: yep
+ Are You Lonely Right Now: yeh
+ Ever Afraid You'll Never Get Married: nah
+ Do You Want To Get Married: yeah
+ Do You Want Kids: 2 or 3

+ Cried: yep
+ Bought Something: idts unless i bought food before rehearsal wednesday
+ Gotten Sick: YES!!! ahhh atleast im kinda feelin better today
+ Sang: yeah
+ Said I Love You: yeah
+ Wanted To Tell Someone You Loved them, But Didn't: sure
+ Met Someone New: no
+ Moved On: ..
+ Talked To Someone: yea .. lydia whats a hermit?
+ Had A Serious Talk: yea
+ Missed Someone: yes ALOT! fwf <3
+ Hugged Someone: yea
+ Kissed Someone: nope
+ Fought With Your Parents: haha thats a givin
+ Dreamed About Someone You Can't Be With: not in sleep
+ Had a lot of sleep: try all day ..
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[30 Nov 2004|10:43pm]
today we didnt get back our tests after all . ms rizzo was absent big surprise.

umm .. i had rehearsal today. we went over all the mayzie/gertrude song scenes.

after that i had dance with piMpiNn eRiCo0k$z hahaa .. crazy times with sharifa!!
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me and lydia are sick. [28 Nov 2004|08:44pm]
wow help us!! craziest convos with my cbffl!! woot :

X saRaA spaRkSs: omg...cant you picture martha stewart decorating her dildo around the holidays to look like a christmas tree?
X saRaA spaRkSs: OMG YAY
X saRaA spaRkSs: and the lubricant can be pine flavored
X saRaA spaRkSs: to fit the theme
Liddie89: i prefer peach.
X saRaA spaRkSs: but thats not xmas you dumbbutttt!!! i mean im sure we could find a good eggnog flavored tho
Liddie89: last year for christmas we got dildos that were shaped as angels and we painted then white gold and silver and made them taste like whip cream when we licked them. my dog gota hold of them tho on christmas eve and totally chewed them up.
X saRaA spaRkSs: back on the xmas sexuality stuff ...
X saRaA spaRkSs: aww =)
X saRaA spaRkSs: i love when dogs get into the christmas spirit
X saRaA spaRkSs: and omg .. santa totally stuffed my stocking with edible candy cane dildos last year
Liddie89: i kno my dog went around the whole day like that
X saRaA spaRkSs: OMG .. he must buy in bulk
Liddie89: HE DOES
Liddie89: this year were hiding the dildos under the couch and hopefully he wont see them glowing from underneath cuz its sucha shame that he ate my dildos last year... and they were supposed to be a surprise!
X saRaA spaRkSs: aww
Liddie89: i got him a dildo that was shapped as a basset hound this year... u kno the one that look like hotdogs?
Liddie89: yea so they realli dont hav to change the dildo around that much
Liddie89: its pretty cheap
X saRaA spaRkSs: thats really crafty!!
Liddie89: i kno and it was 69 percent off!
Liddie89: =-O
X saRaA spaRkSs: oh my!! .. speaking of 69 .. santa eats out so uniquely i must say
Liddie89: omg i KNO last year when he did me in the butt i was in heaven
Liddie89: he was my best fuck ever!
X saRaA spaRkSs: old guys sure kno how to get kinky when they remember their blue pill ... then when santa gets to know your sexual side he customizes a sex handbook fitting to your needs and puts it under ya tree
X saRaA spaRkSs: i really appreciated it
Liddie89: omg i kno i asked him for one this year.
Liddie89: he makes me horny
Liddie89: :-*
X saRaA spaRkSs: yeah, its really important to know what your doing wrong. and santa respects that
X saRaA spaRkSs: no doubt about it, i agree
Liddie89: i kno and i love how he thinks that drink druggin teen agers shud be leagalized i mean HONESTLY no1 shud be deprived of PLEASURE!
X saRaA spaRkSs: i agree
Liddie89: but i love it when he puts on the extra lubricated warming her pleasure sensation condoms.. nothing gets the nite started like those fuckers:-*
X saRaA spaRkSs: and he thinks sex ed should give out dildos with the condoms
X saRaA spaRkSs: i knoowww!! hes like famous for that
Liddie89: THEY SHUD i mean honestly the more condoms u can hav on hand the merrier
X saRaA spaRkSs: yeh.
Liddie89: merryer* ok w.e fuck that
X saRaA spaRkSs: i have a collection of used condoms that are like christmasy (sex iv had on xmas or with santa)
Liddie89: i keep a lil scrap book of all the times we did it. just to remember my one true love with the big belly .. and thats not the only thing thats big if u kno wut i mean :-*
X saRaA spaRkSs: i kno!! and i love the way he doesnt shave down there i mean doesnt that sexy white fuzz turn you on?
Liddie89: i like it better when he puts moose in it tho to giv it a lil UH u kno?
X saRaA spaRkSs: yeah .. its very important to have styled pubic hair .. some guys dont realize that!! but santa does =)~
Liddie89: one year .. he even dyed it PURPLE for me!
X saRaA spaRkSs: wow ..hes def. a very commited guy
Liddie89: i made fun of him and called him barney.... but hey i was horny and that wut i do when i get horny.. call people barney. my last boyfriend left me cuza it... some people realy just dont appreciate the fineness of pubes
X saRaA spaRkSs: i knoo!!! like this one time i was giving head to this guy .. and his pubes were knotty so im like why cant you be more like santa?? and he penis slapped me
X saRaA spaRkSs: but santa gave him coal that year so its all good
Liddie89: i tottaly kno wut u mean
Liddie89: my boyfriend dyed him pubes ORANGE to spite me! i mean HONESTLY who the HELL dyes there PUBES ORANGE??
X saRaA spaRkSs: crazy kidd!!! his mamaa should have taught him manners seriouslyy
X saRaA spaRkSs: i mean .. santa is sucha nice guy he has an internal surgery to put food coloring in his seamen!
Liddie89: how original!
Liddie89: so creative mite i add!
X saRaA spaRkSs: and they're cinnamon flavored
X saRaA spaRkSs: he really is quite a guy
Liddie89: no1 can compare *sigh*
X saRaA spaRkSs: and omg .. have you ever had a 3some in the sleigh with him and mrs. claus?
Liddie89: wow mrs clause can really lick sum pussy if u kno wut i mean.
Liddie89: god her and santa... whadda couple
Liddie89: !
Liddie89: they erally take the energy out of you
X saRaA spaRkSs: i knooooooo!!!!!!!!!
X saRaA spaRkSs: there so erotic =)
Liddie89: so good for u. so HEATLY. BURNS SOO MANY CALORIES U KNO!
X saRaA spaRkSs: i kno i mean why is he fat he really fucks a lot!! it doesnt make sense
Liddie89: i kno maybe i suhd replace mrs clause
Liddie89: i mean i can REALLY giv him a run for his money!
X saRaA spaRkSs: ooooooooooooo sounds like kink and a 1/2
X saRaA spaRkSs: omg .. the easter bunny and santa is my fave piece of pornographical art i hafta say
Liddie89: omg me to i love it when they throw in micheal jackson to heat it up a lil more.. its gets SUPER DUPER KINKY
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